Our Official Launch…

We’ve been a little busy!   There is a lot for new business owners to do in order to launch a new business.  We learn something new every day; and add 10 more things to our “to do” list!

We wanted to say a quick “thank you” to all those who came out to support us in December at our official launch at “Christmas in the Village” in Roscommon.  It was a busy day and so many people stopped by our booth to learn more about us,  offer their support, share their excitement with us, wish us well and to purchase their very own Sew Special Quilt Kit.   Your enthusiasm was uplifting and encouraging.   We started collecting names for our first “sip and sew” event and the interest shown was a little bit overwhelming.  We look forward to  seeing many of you at that event.
Again, thank you so much and we look forward to continuing our presence in this community.

Visit our store on Etsy! Like us on Facebook too! download (4)

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