Our Team


November 2015:  Signing our corporate documents. The journey begins! (Pictured from left: Cheryl, Jackie, Mary, Maureen, Cecilia)

Cecilia Scow ~

Sew Special Quilt Kits Inc. is a dream come true for me!  After teaching beginning quilters and seeing how overwhelming a quilt shop can be, I came up with the idea of quick, easy projects that can be completed in an afternoon or a day.  Pre-selecting and pre-cutting the fabrics allows a beginner or busy professional to sit down and have a finished project in no time.  No more UFOs! (unfinished objects)

I’ve also been blessed to participate in an annual “Quilt Camp” with coworkers and friends, and love the fellowship and fun it’s given me.  My dream is that SSQKI will allow friends and family members the opportunity to gather, sew, and connect with each other.  I can’t imagine a better way to share time!

I look forward to developing new projects each season, allowing new and busy quilters to polish their skills and finish heirloom quality gifts.  Watch our blog and visit our Facebook page to follow our story and see our latest creations!

Jackie O’Brien ~

I live on Higgins Lake, Michigan and I am a wife and mother of four. In my free time, I enjoy brewing beer, reading and relaxing on the pontoon boat with family and friends. I enjoy digging for information.

I love to research. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy a good jigsaw puzzle. As I prepare for an empty nest, I look forward to developing a creative side ( if I have one ) and this new business endeavor is right up my alley.

Mary Kleinert ~

Roscommon, Michigan is home and teaching is my ministry. I’ve taught Special Ed for 30+ years and am passionate about employing persons with disabilities. I’m a wife, step mom, grandma and special Olympic coach. I think of myself as a card sending, soup making, coffee and wine loving friend.

Cheryl Sherman ~

From Roscommon , I’m a lover of all things Michigan. I’m a retired mental health nurse and have always enjoyed working with adults who live their lives with more challenges than most. I also love to work with my hands and be creative. Sew Special Quilt Quilts has evolved from conversation among a group of friends to the launching of this new business. I’m excited to continue on this journey.

Maureen Ruddy~

I live in northern Michigan and like to take advantage of our beautiful outdoors. I’m a high school English teacher and love spending time with my students; they keep me on my toes! I’ve been in the classroom for 28 years and the longer I teach, the more I learn.  This opportunity offers me a new learning and creative experience.

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